Our History

Our origins go back to geological times 22 million years ago, when the island of Fuerteventura emerges, passing between generations, accumulating traditions and millenarian wisdom. A past from which we learn the knowledge, habits and customs to build a better future, more healthy, sustainable and respectful with our environment.


As result of the continental tectonic expansion and the subsequent submarine volcanic activity, the island of Fuerteventura emerged together with the rest of the Canarian archipelago. Thousands of years later, due to the surface volcanism in the heart of the island, the volcano of Gairía arose.

Millions of years ago

About 2,000 years away of the Sumerians, universal forerunners of health care, the first inhabitants of the island, the majoreros, lived in tribal mode until the arrival of the conquerors, a time when a new era starts, merging ancient knowledge with emerging sciences. Already at that time qualities of elements such as aloe vera, Indian tuno or honey were well known.

Thousands of years ago

The arid climate and the island character impose a primary economy based on cereal cultivation, endemic plants harvesting, and livestock, giving rise to the first latifundia.

150 years ago

Founded by local entrepreneurs at the slope of the Caldera de Garía, in Tiscamanita and in the Valles de Ortega, the first organic plantation of aloe vera came true, with an extension of 850,000 m2 and a biomass of more than 6 million plants, setting the original frame of our current farm.

Year 1998

Year of our birth, we inaugurated our farm and our factory, expanding the original land to more than 1,000,000 m2, introducing new crops, creating our bee farm and a new laboratory, and installing brand new production and storage equipments.

Year 2015

At present, we develop several projects, elaborating ecoproducts based on different raw materials, harvested all by ourselves, and our way, without haste and with love. We also complement our activity with informative and leisure initiatives in order to make known everything we do. Come and let yourself be seduced!